Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hey everyone, I started a group (for the website called Northeast Indie so that people who live in the north east part of the U.S. (or at least people who see concerts in the north east) can post and view info for upcoming good concerts in the area. (I included PA, NJ, and NY) We have 35 members now but are trying to get more, so if you are interested you should definitely join.

And so this post isn't just advertising for the group, I figured I'd post some Flaming Lips albums that are not on the huge list below since they are the next concert coming up (you have to join the group to find out the date and place though :P)

The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
The Flaming Lips - Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
The Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The Future Head
The Flaming Lips - Live At Wakarusa Festival (originally posted by RegnYouth)

Peace & Love,

Orkut is good if you're into music sharing. The Brazilians are crazy about that.
I've compiled this list of mp3 album forums, the first one is gigantic, the next four are huge. There are literally tens of thousands of full-album downloads listed here, in all genres. Since this is a Brazilian site, there's also tons of great latin beats.

If you need an invite, let me know - rock - another huge rock forum - music - music sharing - full albums - mp3blog sites - rock & roll albums - rock - rock "Trocando Mp3" - CDS Completos - Post-Rock Downloads - classic rock - rock communities - mp3 collecters - alt - psychedelic - PSY TRANCE DOWNLOADS­ - prog - avant prog - Blues - eclectic - LATIN/BRAZILIAN BLUES - Brazil Regional (very interesting!) - brazilian rock - samba rock - samba rock - brazilian music - Musica Popular Brasileira - axé music - Forró music - Pagode and Samba - Pagode MP3 net - samba roots - samba exchange - Samba "Nobreza do Samba" - Improvisação - jazz - jazz fusion - acid jazz - Jazz - jazz - jazz - Soul- blues- jazz - Jazz à brasileira - Black Music - to the eternity - black music - grooves - rare grooves - funk - international funk - bootlegs - bootlegs - rare albums - more rare albums - rare vinyl - rare albums A-Z - albums - diverse - mp3 de rock, pop, flashback - unknown bands - rock 50's to today - 60's rock - 60's rock & roll - 70's hard rock - guitar rock - Rock Progressivo - Brazilian Nuggets - Rock Brasileiríssimo - Brazilian popular artists Caipira (rural or brazilian "cowboy" music) - MPB - MPB 30's to 50's - Brazilian popular thru the years - Brazilian Oldies - Brazilian Oldies (Young Guard) - Brazilian funk & rap - Brazilian A-Z - samba - stoner rock - more stoner rock - instrumental guitar - Música Instrumental - rock in rio - classical collections - essential classical - classical - Classical MP3 Union - classical compilations - electronica - lounge & chill out - children - soundtracks - soundtracks - soundtracks, extensive - soundtrack compilations - TV - various artists - celtic - Celta/New Age/Instrumental - Música celta e medieval - Folk/Celtic Shared Files

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i think you smell.
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