Sunday, April 30, 2006


Pavement - All My Friends

Mogwai - Folk Death 95

M. Ward - Vincent O'Brien

Arab Strap - Love Detective

Cat Power - The Greatest

Steven Malkmus - Baby C'mon

Guided by Voices - Gonna Never Have to Die


I know this song's really old and been around the blogs many a times, but I still really love it and thought it was worth posting in case any of you people don't already have it.

Arcade Fire - Cold Wind

Probably my favorite Arcade Fire song, and it wasn't even on their album. It was made exclusively for the show Six Feet Under. It's just so beautiful and amazing.

Be back sometime maybe in the next few days if you click my ads every once in a while.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I admit, I might be biased since I automatically love bands that post their entire album free for download, but I certainly would like Sweet Teeth, whether they made their whole album available or just a song.

It's pretty good.

I included a song by them in my Sping Mix

Here's their album.

I can't find any links to buy it, but look anyways.

Hey guys, Sean and I (Giselle) just went to a graveyard, it was pretty nice.
I also just made tooth plural. No need to thank me, Sean.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's William Shakespeare's birthday today. Kind of. Not really, it's unknown, but today was the day he was baptised. So in the current theme of things, I'll post something that relates to this day:

Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things

Their best album in my opinion. If you don't like this, let's just face it, you have no soul. This album's hard to critique, it's just got some amazing songs on it. The title song, "A Better Son/Daughter" and "With Arms Outstretched" will have you begging for more after this album's over. There are some moments on this album where I'm just in awe at the pop writing abilities of Blake Sennet and Jenny Lewis, utilizing a medley of instruments and producing songs both enjoyable and addicting. As a whole, I can really only describe this album as a beatiful country-tinged rock record with intelligent fresh lyrics. And I might have forgot to mention this, but the voice of Jenny Lewis will melt you. Interpret that as you wish. But please go out and support the band. 12 songs, 48 minutes

Buy the album here.

If you need a test though:

This place was built for moving out.

(I had a godawful joke about Jenny Lewis here.) But if anyone associated with the band Rilo Kiley does want it taken down, please don't sure me or something. Instead just e-mail me at and I'll take it down immediately. Same goes for any other things posted on this blog.

In other news, Past Tense has been posting some great albums over there. I highly advise you to go and burshen up on your musical history. They just posted sweet albums, one by the Small Faces and one by the Faces.

I used to like three posts a day, and now I'm lucky (well I guess you'd be lucky) if I do one post every three days. Sorry about that. I should be back with another post sometime before this month's over hopefully.

Monday, April 24, 2006

David Bowie

On this day (April 24th) in 1968 Apple Records refused to sign David Bowie.

...Here are some sweet mashups (mp3s) to make up for it:

Bob Dylan vs. David Bowie
The Beatles vs. Depeche Mode vs. David Bowie
The Killers vs. David Bowie
The Pussycat Dolls vs. David Bowie
Hot Hot Heat vs. David Bowie

And don't even worry about it, I feed David:


Friday, April 21, 2006

I like Giselle's idea of doing a Spring mix, so yeah, I'm going to steal it hah.

Spring Mix Volume 2 (new and improved)

joke Giselle, I really liked yours

Anyways here's the tracklist:

Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel - Spent on Rainy Days
Blueboy - Favorite Things
Radar Bros. - Open Ocean Sailing (one of my favorite songs ever)
Islands - I Feel Evil (Live)
Dear Nora - Since You Went Away
Michel Polnareff - L'Amour Avec Toi
Franklin Bruno - Thin Weak Smile
Danielson - Cast It At The Setting Sail (my favorite song of this year thus far)
Sweet Teeth - An Appeal
Stereolab - French Disko
Sunset Rubdown - They Took a Vote and Said No (reminds me of my town budget)
The Go! Team - The Ice Storm
The Salteens - Let Go Of Your Bad Days
Aberdeen - Sink or Float
An Albatross - The Revolutionary Politics of Dance (best song ever)
Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog (acoustic)
Leslies - Collins
Maximo Park - Limassol
Mojo Nixon - Girlfriend in a Coma (The Smiths)
Neil Diamond - Longfellow Serenade
Run DMC vs. Tom Petty - Free Adidas (what's a mix without a mashup?)
The Mountain Goats - Color In Your Cheeks
Koufax - Let Us Know
The Modern Lovers - Foggy Notion (unreleased Velvet Underground song)

24 songs, 78 minutes

Listen to it. doesn't have too much to do with the Spring but it's pretty much the best mix ever made.

Sorry for the carelessness on the blog regarding my effort the past few days. It's vacation! I'll try to be more active (if you click the ads).

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I suppose I'm a few weeks late with this, but I just found out that Shapes and Sizes was signed to Asthmatic Kitty Recs (Sufjan Stevens, Castanets, etc.), and I am ECSTATIC, to say the least. I first heard them when listening to compilations by Whiskey & Apples Recs a while back, and I was taken aback by their awesome sound. They're releasing a full-length album on July 25th and I can't wait to buy it. You won't be able to wait, either, after you hear the mp3s below:

Island's Gone Bad mp3
Wilderness mp3

I hope everyone is doing well! Take it easy.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring Mix!
Your brain will explode if you do not like pop.

Movie Ending Romance - Math & Physics Club
Big Guns - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Seen the Light - Supergrass
Jennifer Louise - Of Montreal
The Art of Cooking for Two - The Lucksmiths
Eyes - Apollo Sunshine
Engine Heart - Mirah
The Cemetery - Architecture in Helsinki
Everything About You - The Field Mice
La Salle des Pas Perdus - Mondae
Tomorrow - The Cardigans
Skateboarding Saves Me Twice - Grandaddy
Between the Lines - Sambassadeur
Fidelity - Regina Spektor
Raised by Wolves - Voxtrot
I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett
I'd Rather Dance With You - Kings of Convenience
C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips - OK Go
Another Sunny Day - Belle & Sebastian
Treehouse - I'm From Barcelona
Bloom On Demand - Les Savy Fav

21 tracks, 1hr 7min.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey this doesn't pertain to music, but if any of you people that read this blog have a Luelinks password, I'd be forever indebted if you let me share your account. I've been trying to get one for ages from this kid I know who has one, but the blackmail didn't really work out that well.

The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel
I first heard the song "Making Time" by The Creation in one of my favorite films, Rushmore, but I never really took the effort to delve deeper into the band. Well, Regnyouth just posted this collection a few days ago and I took the chance to check out the band. This band really reminds me of the Kinks, and I love the Kinks so I'm obviously gonna really like this. It includes two pretty awesome covers: "Hey Joe" and "Like A Rolling Stone" among other tremendous pop songs that make me wish I was alive back then. Highly recommended for fans of 60's pop. (link received from Regnyouth)
password: wholovesska

I think I'm going to go out and buy cd's by this band and I strongly encourage you to do so too, but I can't find a link for this album on Amazon.

I'm at a point in my life right now where I'm just content with the music I already have and with everything really. I mean, I seriously feel like I could listen just to the music on my computer for the rest of my life and be happy. So I'll mostly be posting some of my older favorite albums and directing you to some good stuff posted by other blogs like I did today. I'll also be doing mp3 posts though hopefully, just not so many full albums. Sorry, but like I said, I'm happy with the music I own, plus I doubt my computer could hold much more. Also, the whole thing that this is illegal and could get me into serious trouble doesn't exactly encourage me. I should be back within the next few days though with another post. Hopefully you didn't read through all of this because it's just me rambling, and if you did, I apologize.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I know it's Easter, not Christmas, but there's really no Easter music, is there? And chances are that we won't be here when Christmas rolls around again so enjoy:

Belle and Sebastian - Christmas Peel Session

Happy Easter!!! Or Happy Passover I guess if you're Jewish. Is that still going on? I think it is. It lasts like seven days I think. Anyways, I'm going to go be with my family. Cheers.


Saturday, April 15, 2006


A.C. Newman

The Slow Wonder

Oh, Canada. Thank you, thank you, thank you for A.C. Newman! Solo project of Carl Newman from The New Pornographers, “The Slow Wonder” is a poppy indie-rock album that will remind you of summer days. Every track is very different and wonderful in its own way. "Miracle Drug", the first track, has been one of my favorite songs of all time since I first heard it almost two years ago... And I can't even begin to explain to you why that is. It may just be that it's SO DAMN CATCHY!

Despite the great simplicity that is demonstrated, there is not a weak song on the album, and it far surpasses anything the New Pornographers have done, in my opinion (sorry, Neko.) I have complete confidence that you will enjoy this listen and not just see it as a follow-up to “Mass Romantic”.

Released 2004, 11 tracks over 34 minutes.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Thanks for that strong response on the last post, hahaha. It's cool, I'm not mad, it's Good Friday. So for now I'm just gonna post this album that's out of print. It's missing track 4 though, sorry.

Dressy Bessy - Pink Hearts Yellow Moons

Mmm lucky charms. That pretty much sums it up. Ha. It does though. Plus I'm lazy. It's just cute smart pop music. The debut from this Kindercore pop band, and honestly, it's one of the best pop debuts I've ever heard. Like I said before, I'm sadly missing Track 4 but it's worth downloading regardless. I'll try to track the song down, but this was pretty hard to find as it is. My favorite song on this cd by far is "If You Should Try and Kiss Her" which is just an impeccable pop song. Sharing some of the members of the Apples in Stereo, they also share a similar sound. Not a bad pop song on the entire cd. Warning: it's reallly really poppy so you might feel like you've exploded with sugar and bubblegum sweetness, but it's as addicting as sugar also.

Pink Hearts Yellow Moons

Buy it here for $50 on Amazon from a private seller because that will totally support the band, right?

I have some practice SAT thing tomorrow most of tomorrow, and I seriously doubt I'll be in the mood for a post tomorrow but who knows. Click on the ads, every single one helps and once we get to $100, we receive a check so each of us will be able to buy like two cd's or so.

Read and Reply

I just had an idea and I wanted to know how you all felt about it. Since there's been all this commotion in the blogging world the past few weeks with Child Star and the recently deceased The Indie Connection, I was wondering if instead of posting the whole album, we should just post about half of the album. This kind of satisifies both arguments, because honestly cd's cost too much nowadays and I often have made an ill-advised decision in purchasing due to listening to one song I liked by a band, yet it's still going to get the downloader to go out and purchase the cd since they'll want to listen to the other half. Let me know what you all think about it in the comments or e-mail me at

Be back later, I'm watching a movie.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Hype City Soundtrack

Honestly, compared to their actual albums, this does not even compare. It's not very good quality, but it is interesting tp see Jeff Mangum and NMH in their early stages. One of the reasons I'm posting this is because it isn't available elsewhere so it's relatively guilt-free, but another one is that I think Neutral Milk Hotel is one of the best ever as I'm sure most of you readily agree with. The entire album's just 11 songs of unpolished, but nonetheless impressive songs, hinting at the genius of Jeff Mangum and the masterpieces he would create in On Avery Island and In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Worth having for completists, but otherwise, it's not really all that great of an album, but like I said before, it's fascinating to see the early stages of some of my favorite NMH songs like "Gardenhead" and "The King of Carrot Flowers Part 2-3" (called "Synthetic Flying Machine" on Hype City). It ends with "Engine" another great NMH song.

11 songs, I think 7 them not featured on the three NMH releases, a little less than 29 minutes:

Neutral Milk Hotel - Hype City

I seriously doubt Jeff Mangum will care whether I psot this album, seeing as you can't really buy it. I'll be back either later today or tomorrow. I'm rather looking forward to this vacation.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sad news today. The Indie Connection shut down. Let's take a moment of silence and remember all those good time we had listening to the music on that blog and wish Vincent the best of luck. Some positive news though. I downloaded a good proxy server at school today so maybe now I'll be able to update during school. The school blocked all blogs and pretty much everything else at that.

And now on to music:

They like Luther Vandross and Tool.
They covered the theme song to "Full House."
I still can't help but like the Pop Project.

The Pop Project

I really love the cover of Zumpano, A.C. Newman's old band. The other songs are definitely worth checking out too, they're a rising pop band on Suburban Sprawl. This week's Suburban Sprawl week in case you didn't know. Visit their Myspace (link below) and decide if you like them or not, and decide whether to download the songs I guess because I don't have much more to say. April vacation started today. I'm pretty happy as of right now. I hate to remind you, but can you please try to click the ads every now and then? I'd really appreciate it. I love you all.

Too Late For That
Secondary Players
House of Books
The Only Reason Under the Sun (Zumpano)
Vegetables (Live Beach Boys cover, bad quality)
Holy Fool

Visit their website and their Myspace.

Buy their albums here, most are only $4!!!

Be back tomorrow with a full album post hopefully so no worries, but keep in mind that I'm going to continue posting mp3's too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I haven't done an mp3 post in forever so I think it's about time. I started out planning to do mostly mp3's but somehow got caught doing only full albums. mp3 posts are a great way to find new music, without having to take the effort to download an entire album. so yeah, here we go now:
el boxeo
You can say all you want about myspace, I really don't care, but it still does not take away the fact that it's a great tool to find new music. One of my more recent finds was the band el boxeo. I can't describe their sound much better than they themselves do on their Myspace:
"Electric violin, fuzzed out bass, busy drums, occasional vocals."

But they left out fucking awesome. Apparently, they're coming out with their first full length Awake and Dreaming on Suburban Sprawl Music. This is highly recommended for fans of violins and violas in rock bands and all those post-rock kids. This isn't really post-rock, it's more like roast-pock. Oh yay, I just invented a genre. Is pock even a word? I don't think so. Anyways, as I've thought about it, I guess this is post-rock so forget what I just said. Then they throw in the celestial vocals of the girl violinst at sometimes to complement the superb instrumentation to create some absolutely beautiful songs. The point is I really love these songs that they've made available on their website and on their Myspace.

el boxeo - New Science
el boxeo - Let’s Get Mythological
el boxeo - Devotion
el boxeo - Venture to the Black Lodge
el boxeo - the Rope
el boxeo - Tokyo (my favorite***)
el boxeo - Floating in an Orange

el boxeo's Myspace

Their website

I'm still going to be doing mostly album posts, don't worry, but from now on, I'll jazz it up with an mp3 post from a band relatively new to me. By the way, I fell asleep reading Frankenstein last night and I never finished it. I still think I did farily well on the test though. By the way, it was nothing like the movie. Be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey, I just got home from my track meet. It's nine o'clock. And I have to go finish about 120 pages of Frankenstein tonight because I have a test tomorrow. It'sactually an awesome book. But anyways, as you may have figured out, I don't actually have time for an actual post, but Indie Surfer Blog posted a few good links in the past two days:

The Appleseed Cast - Most, if not all of their albums including their newest release Peregrine.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones. I haven't listened to this and most likely never will even though I do like that song "Maps", but I thought some people might be interested in this.

Be back tomorrow if I'm still alive.

Monday, April 10, 2006

100th post!!! Yay!!!

Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker!
I bought this a while back after hearing two pretty awesome songs by this band and knowing that they were along the same lines of the much beloved E6 and all that, plus they were on a record label that could do no wrong: Absolutely Kosher. To sum it up shortly, this album is tantamount to "The Gay Parade" if Of Montreal weren't so energetic and "gay". Some songs aren't all that great, but the majority of them are great pop songs including my favorites: the simple but infectious "Nonpartisan", the Gay Parade-esque "Poodleman", and the relaxingly wonderful song "Gepetto" about being stuck inside a whale. If you didn't make the connection, well wow, it's from Pinnochio. If you're a fan of the Elephant Six Recording Company, this band is right up your alley.

Another great album from Absolutely Kosher Records

Buy it here.

Sorry for the late post today. I'm not gonna be able to make one tomorrow because I have my first track meet which is from like 3 to 9. So yeah, I have to go read Frankenstein. But anyways, 100th post, wow. I haven't had all that great of a day. I'm kind of upset. Not over anything in particular. More just because of the lack of something in particular if you know what I mean. Rececntly, I've been feeling that a lot. I just can't wait for this school year to be over. This week actually, because then I have a ten day vacation or so. People are way too confusing sometimes. Sorry for this rant, time for Mary Shelley. Bye.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The Most Serene Republic
Underwater Cinematographer

Broken Social Scene fans, take heed: The Most Serene Republic is what you want to hear. This indie-pop sextet from Canada released “Underwater Cinematographer” in 2005. This dreamy album will leave you laughing and jumping for joy! Okay, I can’t guarantee that you’ll do that, but I know that you’ll certainly want to, upon hearing their fun, energetic tunes. The lyrics are hard to understand sometimes because of the fact that they blend in with the instrumentals rather than being the focus, and I think it was their intention create this effect. This is one of their infinite ideas that you can hear on this debut album. Some argue that they have too much going on at once, but I find it absolutely fascinating. With every listen, you discover something new.

11 songs over 41 minutes

The Mountain Goats - Tallahassee

I uploaded this a helluva long time ago, but forgot that I never posted it. There's a constant battle between this one and All Hail West Texas as my favorite Mountain Goats album. Even though in the end All Hail West Texas probably gets the nudge, Tallahassee remains an amazing album with songs that will just lift your spirits like the classic "No Children". Haha, honestly, "No Children" is one of the most depressing songs ever made, but I can't help but laugh when I listen to it. Highlights: "See America Right", "No Children", "Game Shows Touch our Lives", "First Few Desperate Hours", and my favorite Mountain Goats song ever apart from "Color in Your Cheeks", the final song on this cd "Alpha Rats Nest".

14 songs, 45 minutes. This is the first Mountain Goats cd I listened to, and it hooked me from there:

The night is lovely as a rose

If I see sunlight hit you I'm sure that we'll both decompose.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Superchunk - Foolish

Not only the best Superchunk album in my opinion, but also one of the best albums Merge released in the 90's. They're just a great rock band and this is a great rock cd. It's slower than their previous material, in an attempt to tackle the art of mid-tempo songs and they succeed. It starts out with "The Fool" which is a classic build-up song. My favorite song on this cd's either "Why Do You Have To Put A Date On Everything?" or "Driveway to Driveway". Most of the songs are just bitter songs about unrequited love. Apparently this was written following the breakup of co-founders Laura Balance and Mac Mcaughn, which explains that. There's not much more to say about this album, you'll have to listen for yourself as usual.

Don't Be Foolish. Download this.

Or even better, buy it here.

I just took a nap. I'm thinking about going to the play tonight. I really want to see it, but I don't really have anyone to go with. So for now I'm watching Escape From L.A.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Portugal. The Man. - Waiter: "You Vultures"

So yeah, congratulations to the Blood Brothers and TV on the Radio. Apparently they got together sometime earlier this year, and had a child called Portugal. The Man. Ha, lame, I'm joking, but that's the impression I got after listening to this album, which seems to be somewhere between those two bands, while bearing similarities to Blonde Redhead. I like this album, it's kind of hard to describe though, particularly the genre of music. It's definitely got its indie/emo/hardcore influences but then it'll just throw in some r&b, and they combine it all to make an album sort of reminiscent of The Faint without all the synthesizers. Apparently this Alaskan band is the offshoot of the broken-up band Anatomy of a Ghost, but I've never heard them. My favorite song's either "AKA M80 The Wolf" or "Marching With 6", with its ridiculously catchy riffs and Blood Brothers-like vocals. The album's not fantastic, but I think it's worth checking out. You might not like it all that much, but I think it's a good listen. I can't constantly post only music that I love because after a while I'd have nothing more to post. Plus opinions differ, you may love this album for all I know. Give it a shot.

13 songs, about 53 minutes

Waiter: "You Vultures"

Buy it here.

It was my great-aunt's 80th birthday today, so I had to go over there and have cake and all that so I just got home, sorry for the late post. And now there's a lightning storm outside. Be back tomorrow.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Atlas Strategic - Rapture, Ye Minions!

You know how Canadian bands are more often than not related to each other in some way? Canadian incest, as one tag calls it. I love it. Today's music is from the extended Wolf Parade family.

Most people know about Spencer Krug's side project (Sunset Rubdown), but few know about Dan Boeckner's old band, Atlas Strategic. While Sunset Rubdown is experimental pop, Atlas Strategic is...well...this is what they had to say: "Brian Eno crossed with early Rolling Stones set to the lyrics of a science fiction author found dead in his apartment due to a broken heart." In other words, definitely rockier. This shouldn't come as a surprise, though. If you're familiar with their roles in Wolf Parade, you know that the two vocalists have distinct styles. Expect to hear Dan's throaty howls on Rapture, Ye Minions!

Rapture is Atlas Strategic's only release. It doesn't compare to what Dan would later do in Wolf Parade, but it's still a strong and enjoyable album. Be sure to check out the last track, "Jesus Christ." Can we say WTFAWESOME?

Rapture, Ye Minions!

It's out of print, so consider yourselves lucky.


This is the second post I did on the blog, and since a lot of you haven't probably gone to the archives, I thought I'd repost it because I just love it so much. Apart from The Best Party Ever by The Boy Least Likely To (which is my favorite album of this millenium so far), I think this is the best album made in 2005. It's only 10 songs, and 30 minites, but it's one of the most personal albums I have. I liked it from my first listen, and now after repeated listens, I love it. It just really will connect with you. This one's highly highly recommended if you don't already have it.

So here's the post from the archives:

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom

Initially, I didn't expect that I'd really like this band that every one was raving so much about. (eg CHYSY) But I downloaded their album Broom, which you can order off their site, and although this band may rival Clap Your Hands Say Whatever as worst band name of the year, I was delightfully surprised by their music. It's 10 songs and just about half an hour in length, but each song is wonderful. Easily one of the best albums of 2005, regardless of what Pitchfork says, who gave them only a 6.9.

Highlights Include: Download the album! The whole damn album's a highlight. But if I had to pick, my favorite song's the ninth track, "Anne Elephant".

Here you can download their debut masterpiece Broom.

You can also download their live acoustic song called "Accident" at their site. Or here too, why not.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin-Accident

Buy Broom here.

Well, that post didn't really count since it's from the archives, so maybe I'll be back with another one later.


Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple realeased Tidal, her first album, when she was only eighteen in 1996. Full of character, personality, and passion, her songs really demonstrate her musicianship. Her deep alto voice will entrance you with its rich quality and sophisticated maturity. Her piano-playing is absolutely beautiful, as well, and it's quite to hard to view it as a mere accompaniment.

I have been listening to this album for years and it never gets tiring.

An Apple [song] a day keeps the doctor away!

That was kind of lame, but you should definitely buy this.

Things to Address

This is not a post about music. Sorry, but there are a few things I'd like to address.

One is that we've been getting comment spam recently so we're gonna have a word verification thing to prevent that. Big news, eh?

Another thing is that I wanted to thank those of you that have supported the site by clicking the ads at the top and bottom of the page. Please continue it, it means a whole lot to the continuation of Serial Slingshot.

Also, I strongly urge you to download Firefox with the Google Toolbar. I'm not only sayinf this because it will support our site, but also because Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer in so many ways in my opinion. Well see for yourself please:

Well apparently I can't post Firefox correctly, so please just scroll down and click it and then you can download it.

Ok later.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ted Leo's the man. Enough said.

This site has 4 of his albums posted:

You can buy his albums here.

Just thought I'd let you all know that Giselle is in the play "Murder on the Nile" based on the story by Agatha Christie and it starts tomorrow. Wish her luck!

Triple apple day!

The Apples in Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker

I listened to this album an unhealthy number of times a few months ago. The debut album from Robert Schneider and co is, in my opinion and others I've talked to, the best album they have made, and one of the best albums produced by the Elephant Six Recording Company. The album is classic for any indie-pop fan.

I'm going to say this honestly. I think this album includes more hooks than any I've ever listened to, so if that's you style, then this is definitely an album you should download. "Tidal Wave" just will explode from your speakers. I can't say any more about this album, I might get too into it and I have to do homework.

13 songs, 40 minutes

Have Fun! with Fun Trick Noisemaker (courtesy of Regnyouth)

Password to unzip files: woj2322

You can buy it here.

The Apples in Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution

Woah dude, the Apples are so polished on this record (and the next one too). It's still very good psychedlic pop though. It's the same old Apples even if the production is somehwat different, expect some great hooks. My reviews kind of suck. I'm sorry. It's kind of hard though and I don't have all that much time, so excuse me. My favorite song might be the cute acoustic song "About Your Fame" or the opener "Seems So" that sets the tone for the album. This album feels like it belongs in the 60's with their addicting pop tunes reminiscent of the Beatles. If you're a fan of the Beatles in their poppier days, you'll probably love this band.

14 songs, 38 minutes

Tone Soul Evolution

Buy it here.

The Apples in Stereo - The Discovery of the World Inside the Moone

This one's more along the lines of Tone Soul Evolution, with a large amount of production. It contains some of the best song the Apples have made in "The Rainbow" and "Stream Running Over." If there's one thing I've learned from listening to this album, you cannot sit there and not love Robert Schneider singing (and sometimes screaming) his heart out over these gentle catchy pop beats. It ends with the pretty acoustic nonchalant song "The Afternoon", putting a fantasic finish to the album. I could say more but there's not much more of a point, I can't say much more about it, it's just a good pop album, essential for fans of the Apples in Stereo.

The Discovery of the World Inside the Moone

12 songs, 41 minutes or so

Buy it here.

The Apples in Stereo are coming out with a new album this year, I'm pretty excited. I have to go read Frankenstein now or something of that sort, but I should be back tomorrow. I'll do another Apples post within the coming weeks probably, if you like what you hear.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stars - Set Yourself On Fire

Who hasn't posted about this band and this album? Whatever, I'll do it again. This band deserves it. This album's one of my favorites of last year, if you like soft heartwarming pop music, then this is the band you've been waiting for. This Canadian band, with members of Broken Social Scene, will have you belting along lines by the end with their remarkably catchy soongs.

Honestly, this is one of the prettiest albums I've ever heard, especially "One More Night", "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead", "Calendar Girl", "Ageless Beauty, "The First Five Times", and the list goes on. Everyone loves this album and I'm sure you will too if there's the slight chance you haven't heard it yet.

Set Your Ears On Fire With This Blazing Album

**LINK FIXED** I just took one I found on MIR IS HEIR

Sorry about that, I guess I uploaded that one a long time ago or something.

Lame seannyboy.

Buy it here.

I have some bad news for all of you. My hard drive kind of crashed last night, so I'm gonna have to take the blogging at a slower pace. I really love doing this, probably more than anything else except maybe programming, but I just have to slow it down as I'm sure you'll understand. I'll still try to update when I can though. I'll probably be more active during the summer, even though I am going away for like a month to summer programs and vacation, but yeah, not a big change, but still, I thought I'd let you all know.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Pas/Cal - The Handbag Memoirs

The Indie Connection recently posted Pas/Cal's second EP, Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous. Today I bring your their first EP, The Handbag Memoirs. This here is some mighty fine indie pop, folks. Since I am lazy and don't feel like writing in complete and comprehendible sentences, I will attempt to quickly but thoroughly review this by going through each track and mentioning what I like/think about it. Yes.

01 The Bronze Beached Boys (Come On Let's Go) - How Casimer Pascal's voice goes up on the occasional "go-o-o!" The handclaps.
02 I'd Bet My Life That You Bet Your Life - The sweet sleigh bells. The enthusiastic "That's right!" near the end of the song and drumming that follows. The handclaps.
03 I Wanna Take You Out in Your Holiday Sweater - The entire song, thanks. The trumpet. The mention of my favorite article of clothing. The handclaps.
04 Grown Men Go-Go - This is Pas/Cal at their tuffest..don't mess. The handclaps.
05 Marion/Mariam - Everything after 2:29 in this instrumental piece.
06 This Ain't for Everyone - The unpolished quality of this song. The vocals are particulary nice on this track.

The Handbag Memoirs

Buy it here

In other news, we're getting comment spam. Exciting!


The Essex Green - Cannibal Sea

The new full-length by these Elephant Six veterans is what I guess I expected from the band. Nothing spectacular, but definitely worth a listen. Has some great pop songs on it, not much more to say, it's a good cd. Pitchfork just reviewed this album today and gave it a 7.2 which seems about right to me. Read the review here.

My favorite song's either "Elsinore" or "This Isn't Farm Life." It's a solid pop album, full of hooks, it'll be a good listen.

12 songs, 40 minutes or so

Download it here.

Buy it here.

This might be my only post for today. On another note, the baseball season started and so far, I'm pretty much owning in my fantasy baseball league. (Okay Sean, we don't care.)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Am The Fun Blame Monster

Take a powerful tenor voice, guitar, piano, organ, sax, drums, and glockenspiels, throw it all into the Deeler (short for the homemade digital looping recorder software), and you have the brilliance that is Menomena. Acclaimed by many as one of the best albums of 2003, it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. “I Am The Fun Blame Monster” takes you from indie electronica and glitch pop all the way to hip-hop.

These guys are absolutely nuts. If you don’t believe me, just go to their website. Even if you do believe me, go to their website.



Four score seven years to go

I've done it all with none to show

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Exit Clov - Saskwatch EP

A D.C. band that make my head float with thier celestial vocals, smooth electronics, and all-around great music. Out of the 5 songs, I cannot even narrow down my favorite song to 3. They're just so all good, especially the amazing song "Hits #1". Anyways, listening to this EP made my day.

That was my attempt at describing this band, but they do it best at their Myspace here, where they have two tracks available for download by the way.

"Out of the madness of DC comes trademark beat-driven Exit Clov tunes of revolution, ennui and societal idiocy -- smart music for kids of the next century. Glossing sweet indie pop vocals over vitriolic bass, drum and guitar grooves, the combo introduces an exclusive sound that keeps an edge on dark pop, groove and surf rock. But despite the schizophrenia, you won't find Exit Clov straying far from the hot and catchy, delivering antidotes for a generation of music fans who seek songs clever enough to outlast the times"

5 songs, around 25 minutes


Support this awesome DIY band at the website by buying their albums here, they're really cheap too.

Thanks to my sister for sending me that. I'm going over my friend's house, be back later. Click on the ads sometime please, it would be greatly appreciated. If you do, I'll post more music. Also download Firefox from the left sidebar, it's so much better than Internet Explorer.

Various Artists - Growin' Up Too Fast

Now for my real post of the day. It wasn't really all that funny, my joke I mean. I'm kind of lame some of the time. Anyways, my sister Kira sent me this a while ago. It's just a girl group anthology, and it's got a lot of old great pop songs on it. It starts out with a classic girl song everyone's heard by the Angels "My Boyfriend's Back."

Full of handclaps, girls lamenting about about the Beatles breaking up, and songs about being in love with the lifeguard, this is some good times. I'm not even a girl, as hopefully you've all figured out by now, and I thoroughly enjoy this. Sadly I only have Disc 1 though.

My favorite song is "Summertime USA" by The Pixies Three. Is this a Beah Boys cover? If not, then wow, this is a pretty big rip-off, but whatever, it's like a female Beach Boys song and it's awesome.

25 songs, 61 minutes or so

Download here

Buy it here.

Be back with another post tomorrow probably.

April's Fools

Yes that was pretty lame, but I felt like I had to do something. So yeah, the post below was just a joke.

Be back with a post later.


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