Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Bonnie "Prince" Billy Album over at Zinhof

I haven't posted in a while, but it's only because I'm working on something big so be ready for it in the next few days hopefully.

I haven't listened to the new BPB album, but I'm betting it's gold. Anything Will Oldham produces is bound to be good. I just got off work and am tired after a long day showing up all the other bagboys. Let me know what you think of the new album, I'll be back later.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I wanted to post this album cause it's really good, but I didn't feel like writing a lil' synopsis so i stole this from http://www.pandora.com Enjoy!

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - The Dust of Retreat
The band's debut album, The Dust of Retreat, was issued on Standard in spring 2005. The picturesque dozen-song set is themed around the musicians' own fancies of Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Playfully ironic, the modest Richard Edwards (band's creator) has also admitted to critics that the bandmembers aim to play how they feel when they're watching Woody Allen films.

Support the band and buy it here.
Peace & Love,

Wednesday, July 19, 2006



Tryo is a reggae band. They are very popular in Canada, France, and my CD player. They sing about their political views in a humorous way. Even if you have no idea what they're saying, you'll get a kick out of their funny noises and fall in love with their three guitarists & sweet harmonies.

Check them out!
You can find these tracks on THEIR SITE:
Comme les journées sont longues
Ta réalité
"Lorelei" thiéfaine
G8 remix
Pompafric (live)

I highly reccommend their album "GRAIN DE SABLE",
which may be purchased for a mere 10 euros!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Go for it

Overall, Livejournal has probably the best forum for sharing albums. I just found out about it though. Go there friends and enjoy.

Be back later.

The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely

New Mountain Goats album leaked. Yeah dude. Made my day. I'm listening to it right now, and it's really good. I'm so happy. It's a lot more mellow than The Sunset Tree, and I really like it so far even though it still needs many more listens. Just what I needed right now, possibly the best of 2006 so far.

I went down to the gas station for no particular reason

And no, I didn't upload the album, I just saw the link and thought I'd provide it. I found the link here.

If anyone wants me to take the link down, just give me a comment or an e-mail.

I'll be back sometime later.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm just testing this out to see if anything shows up. Whenever you visit the blog, you just view a blank page. Blogger probably just screwed up, but I noticed that this happened to a few other blogs for unknown reasons.


Joanna Newsom - Yarn and Glue EP and Walnut Whales EP

Artwork by who else but Joanna Newsom.

The two self-released EP's by Joanna Newsom before her full-length debut "The Milk-Eyed Mender". They both contain great songs I had never heard from her before and then some songs from her full-length, but they all seem to be different versions. Newsom is one of the best songwriters around today and these EP's show this to be true. Her lyrics, her gentle plucking, and her offbeat but in way intimate voice will leave you trying to imitate that voice of hers. Definitely worth having if you're a fan, or are thinking about becoming one.



I'll be back soon enough with another post.

The Clash Discography
The Jam Discography
Os Mutantes Discography
The Doors Discography
The Smiths Discography
And more at RockSquad

One of the best discography blogs I've come along in a long time, go check it out.

I'll be back with a real post later, I just thought I'd show you over to that great blog.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Proof that if there is a God, he at least doesn't favor the French.

I'm of course joking but I had to because of Giselle's away message:

why aren't you watching my country win right now, go do it"

Good shit. I'm off to watch a zombie movie.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Belle and Sebastian - Be Merry

The lost Belle and Sebastian album!!! It's a but different from their previous work, which is the reason I think why they didn't release it, but I liked the direction they were headed here. Possibly their masterpiece.


I'm tired of summer. I'll be back sometime in the next few days with another post hopefully.

I'm probably going to get crucified for this.

Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday EP

Their first release in 2001 on Independent Records, back with all of the original members including Brand New's Jesse Lacey. I personally prefer Brand New to TBS, but it's pretty close. So what if they're played on MTV all the time and have more people in their MySpace groups than some cities. They're pure teenage angst emo-punk, and the best at what they do, and they just write damn catchy anthems. Not songs, anthems.

This eponymous EP isn't nearly as good as their later stuff, but it's hard to get much better than "Tell All Your Friends". I've been on a Taking Back Sunday craze lately, maybe a little late, but whatever.

Here's the information from Wikipedia:

The Taking Back Sunday EP is Taking Back Sunday's first traceable demo. Jesse Lacey, now of the band Brand New, was in the band during the making of this demo. The lead vocals on this album are not sung by Adam Lazzara, but by their original singer, Antonio Longo.

Track listing
1. "Lost And Found" – 3:59
2. "The Things We'll Never Know" – 3:36
3. "Eleven" – 3:43
4. "Go On" – 5:15
5. "One Way Conversation" – 3:23
6. "Summer Stars" – 4:19
Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taking_Back_Sunday_EP"

The band seems to kind have just disclaimed this EP because I can't find anywhere to buy it and it's not even listed on their web site. Kind of like Giselle, who she herself knows what it's like to be disowned by one's parents.


Has anyone seen Pirates 2 yet?!?!?!? I definitely want to go see it today. I'll be back with another post sometime in the near future.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was talking Giselle while listening to Pedro The Lion today, so inevitably we started talking about them. I found out she only has one album and I decided to do a Pedro post of some albums I have. Enjoy!

Control was released in 2002 and in it Pedro expresses their christian faith in an indie rock style. Although this is not a typical christan rock album, as opposed to the standard christan rock message Pedro The Lion's "songs are about believing in, questioning, and challenging his faith." Not to mention they sound amazing doing it. David Bazan's voice is unique, downbeat, somber, and very appropriate for the music. I highly recommend this album especially songs Indian Summer and Priests & Paramedics.
10 tracks; 40:18 minutes long.


Support the band and buy it here.

Achilles Heel was Pedro's fifth release right after Control. This album, unlike Control, is not so based on storytelling as much as a personal political commentary (but don't let this turn you off, it is pulled off beautifully and is an excellent release by Pedro The Lion). The sound of this album is much like Control, except with less singles in my personal opinion, but this album does offer great songs and it is worth it for fans.
11 tracks; 38:13 minutes long.

Support the band and buy it here.

This is Pedro's release entitled "Whole." Not a whole lot I can say about it, it's a nice little EP for everyone who really likes Pedro (like me). I like Control and Achilles Heel better myself, but this is a solid EP if you're a fan of Pedro.
6 tracks; 22:28 minutes long.

Support the band and buy it here.

Peace & Love,

Alright, I dub today Favorites Day. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I never got around to it. If you haven't heard these songs, seen these movies, or read these books, I strongly recommend you do so:


The Mae Shi - You Can't Do That To An Axe
American Analog Set - Born On the Cusp
Yo La Tengo - Today Is The Day


Cidade de Deus (City of God)
True Romance
North by Northwest


Candide by Voltaire
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer

I was just kidding about the Canterbury Tales.

I'll be back soon with hopefully some actual albums uploaded for you all.

Hey, as you could tell from the last post, we added a new member, Spencer, so that's good news. Anyways, I don't know if any of you fans of the Thermals, but you should be, and they posted a song from their new album "The Blood, The Body, The Machine", their third album due out on Sub Pop Records August 22. It's kind of different from their previous stuff, but just as good in my opinion. So download it, along with the other songs on their myspace. To see the list of tour dates, go to their Myspace listed below.

The Thermals - A Pillar of Salt

The Thermals on Myspace

I was going to add do a different post, but then I noticed the Thermals had the new song up so I thought I'd just let you know, so I'll do the other post later today probably. Till then friends.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hey everyone, My name is Spencer.

I'm new to the blog but I'll try and make you as happy as I can with some beautiful music. You can check out my profile for more information on me.

I'd like to start off with two of my favorite summer albums, considering it is summer.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names released their first full length LP, #3, after two EP's (#1 and #2), in 2005. This Swedish band certainly is one of the happiest, fun bands I've listened to in awhile. Their poppy, quirky melodies and lyrics make them my most recent favorite twee pop bands. I would give them my highest recommendation, even if you just listen to Rent A Wreck (my favorite song) I guarantee you'll be hooked.
12 songs; 35:18 minutes long

Support the band and buy here.

Sufjan Stevens pretty much speaks for himself. He is an amazing artist and this album blows me away, that's how grand he is. He released Illinois in 2005 keeping much the same style as his previous releases. Sufjan's folk pop style is so beautiful in itself, but combined with his radiant voice his songs make me melt. A must have for everybody.
22 songs;74:35 minutes long.

Support the band and buy it here.

Peace & Love,

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Can you believe it's July already?
Yeah, me either.

We schoolchildren are glad to finally be out of school.
Kids, if you're anything like me, you're sleeping as late as you can when your work schedule doesn't get in the way and just taking more time to yourself to read, listen to music, go outside or just think.

Here's an instrumental mix that says


What's everyone up to? Seen any good shows?


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