Saturday, August 12, 2006

Umm hey I just got back from vacation for two weeks to find out I got 70 comments on that last post. Thanks for commenting, but when I said "I had some extra time this morning so I thought I'd upload a few albums for all you kiddos." I was completely joking and I'm sorry if anyone thinks I meant to take credit for the uploads myself. Personally, I uploaded maybe 5-15, around that area. All the rest were either taken from other various blogs around who I would have kept track of and given credit to individually but honestly, I didn't have the time. Most of it is from Album Base and also a great deal from The Livejournal Sharealbums Forum. It did however take a lot of time to compile them altogether, but yeah, I just gradually built it up in my spare time a couple weeks when I was bored. I'm sorry if the links or passwords don't work, but I can't do anything unless I have it in which case I'll upload it for you myself.

Yeah, that about covers that...

Two weeks is too long to be spent in Cape Cod, but whatever, it was nice to relax and read. I also made an futile attempt at growing facial hair. I didn't bring a razor and didn't feel like buying one, so I decided to see how it came out. I just shaved it though five minutes ago though, and I miss my mustache. I'm not sure whether I should be sad or glad for the fact that I think no pictures were taken of me with it. At least in its prime. I'm off to that free Ted Leo show in Bridgeport that's today at 4PM, but I might have a new post in the next coming days.

enjoy the show.
yo sean, i met you at the ted leo show and it was pretty sweet
thanks to ME!

c'mon, i think i deserve some credit here.
Hi, glad to see you again. Could you tell us what's the password for "Clouds taste metallic"? (if you have it or know, of course).

pw for that should be "xploit" (no quotes) If that doesn't work I'll upload it.
Thanks for the huge list keep it up!
hey...good stuff you posted before the trip. seems some pw were left out. any knowledge of the Radiohead Remixes 2005 pw? thanks for great posts.
pw for Radiohead Remixes 2005 is "Rocketsauce"
please if tou know the pass for Wolfmother..
thanx a lot..
try ""
thanks for the pass for the flaming lips album, it worked.
does anyboy knows which is password for the liz phair album?
hey! "Rocketsauce" isn't pw for radiohead - remixes ... any ideas, guys?
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